Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Daihatsu Xenia 2012

Xenia, Indonesian family pride
Welcoming All New Daihatsu Xenia, the vehicle for the family of Indonesia with a variety of designs and new features that will make the driving experience with pride.
With VVT-i engine, all-new Xenia makes distance no longer an issue. Explore new places, and special moments with economical fuel consumption.

All New Daihatsu Xenia car one of the cars that we see so often on the road than its twin All New Toyota Avanza.
Car million people in Indonesia Daihatsu All New Xenia also make changes to both the exterior and the interior looks the same as All New Avanza. But for car engines Daihatsu Xenia All New 2012 1000cc engine keeps the capacitance (1.0) and 1300CC (1.3). 2012 Daihatsu Xenia and 5 there are 4 types of variants: 1.0 D MT Xenia, Xenia MT 1.0 M, 1.3 x MT Xenia, Xenia and Xenia MT 1.3 R 1.3 R AT. Xenia only type R car that had a choice between manual or automatic transmission.

If the highest type of all-new Toyota Avanza Toyota Avanza named Veloz, while the highest type All New Daihatsu Xenia car is named Xenia Attivo. All New Car Price Daihatsu Xenia 2012 sale starts at USD 126.6 million for the lowest type (type D Xenia) up to the car Xenia Rp.179.300.000 highest type (All New Xenia Attivo).

All New Cars Daihatsu Xenia was there eight color options like Icy White (white), Light Blue Metallic (blue), Dark Grey Metallic (dark gray), Classic Silver Metallic (silver), Sand Gold Metallic (gold), Royal Red Metallic (red), Midnight black Metallic (black) and Dark Steel Metallic (black).

List Price New Daihatsu Xenia 2012:

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